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Breaking: 23/04 - EUR/USD finds support below 1.3800, GBP/USD unable to hold above 1.6825                     

Live scalping trades (time frame 0-2 hours)

Currency pair Date

Time (GMT)

Entry level Target  Stop loss Status
EUR/USD 23-04-14  20.35 Buy at 1.3803.  1.3824 1.3786 Pending Short-term buy into support area


Test ahead for Sterling       April 23rd 2014 - 12.07 GMT:           Follow us on Twitter for latest updates:  

Sterling maintained a robust tone into the European session on Wednesday as it challenged resistance levels above 1.6825. The UK data was solid, but the Bank of England minutes did not provide any fresh ammunition for bulls and there was a sell-off to the 1.6780 area. The 1.6780 area is now a key area for the pair with any break liable to trigger a deeper correction to the 1.6730 area.

                             Latest set and forget trading recommendations    April 23rd 2014  (time frame 3-24 hours) Delayed by 2 hours

Currency pair Date Time (GMT) Order type Target entry level Target 1  Target 2 Status

Market comment

EUR/US$ 23-04-14  12.15 Limit order Sell at 1.3855 1.3830 1.3805 Pending Near-term support into 1.3780
USD/CHF 23-04-14  12.15 Limit order Stay long from 0.8825 0.8850 0.8875 In play Resistance on approach to the 0.8850 area
AUD/US$ 23-04-14  12.15 Limit order Buy at 0.9255 0.9275 0.9295 Pending Key support into 0.9250 area
US$/CAD 23-04-14  12.15 Limit order Buy at 1.0975 1.1000 1.1025 Pending Short-term support on approach to 1.0950
EUR/CHF 23-04-14  12.15 Limit order Buy at 1.2175 1.2200 1.2225 Pending Support below 1.2150
GBP/US$ 23-04-14  12.15 Limit order Sell at 1.6835 1.6810 1.6785 Pending Immediate support into 1.6780 area
US$/JPY  23-04-14  12.15 Limit order Stay short from 102.50 102.30 102.10 In play Significant resistance above 102.50

Short-term: key level to watch:

EUR/USD: 1.3780

EUR/USD was rejected above 1.3850 and probed below 1.3800 without making a decisive break lower. Any decline below the 1.3780 area would signal a more protracted spell of vulnerability

Please see Sterling for full GBP signals and yen for full JPY signals  







Medium-term: key level to watch:

GBP/USD: 1.6730

GBP/USD has maintained a strong tone with another move above the 1.68 level. Positive medium-term sentiment will be sustained if corrections are held to the 1.6730 area.

Long-term: key level to watch

EUR/USD: 1.3500

EUR/USD has retreated from highs above 1.3950 with a retreat to lows around 1.3750. Any slide to below 1.3500 would be more important in suggesting a longer-term peak.

Trade of the Month  -  April 3rd: - 12.00 GMT

Pending: Sell EUR/USD at 1.3845, target 1.3510 s/l  1.4056

update: in play with tight 1.3833 trailing stop





Trade of the week  -  April 16th: - 12.00 GMT

Pending: Sell GBP/USD at 1.6815  target 1.6580, s/l 1.6876

Update: in play








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